North Cascades National Park Announces New Backcountry Permit Fee Structure

The new structure will charge a $10 fee per person plus a $6 nonrefundable permit fee

North Cascades National Park Service Complex has changed its backcountry permit fee structure. 

These changes in the fee structure are designed to encourage visitors to explore the beautiful North Cascades National Park and enjoy camping in the backcountry at an affordable cost, making it an accessible experience for all.  

All backcountry reservations are processed through and approved by North Cascades National Park wilderness rangers before permits can be picked up.

Watch this detailed instruction video on how to make a reservation on

Starting from March 2024, the new fee structure will charge a $10 fee per person plus a $6 nonrefundable permit fee for summer season backcountry camping permits.

The change in fee structure is in response to visitor feedback. By charging a per-person fee, it reduces the cost for a single person, making permit costs more affordable. 

Previously, the flat fee per permit was higher for a single person. The new fee structure will not charge any fee from early October through mid-May, and there is no fee for youth 15 and under. 

The revenue generated from backcountry permits will cover the program’s costs, including contract support, compliance, resource protection, and administrative oversight. 

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