Celebrate National Forest Week By Submitting Your Favorite Photo From Our National Forests

Photo Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, July 17

This week is National Forest Week, a time to share stories and memories from our incredible National Forest System and ensure these places continue to provide long-lasting benefits for all Americans.

Our National Forests are very special places. They are home to many different types of plants and animals. Some of these animals can only be found in our National Forests. These forests help keep our air and water clean, provide opportunities for recreation and tourism, and support local economies.

The USDA Forest Service manages our National Forests and Grasslands. These areas receive more than 170 million visits every year. People who visit these areas spend $13.5 billion in the local economy each year, which sustains nearly 223,000 jobs.

The celebration officially began Monday, July 11, and will continue through Sunday, July 17. This year’s National Forest Week theme is “See Your Somewhere” and invites Americans to find their “somewhere” on our National Forests and Grasslands.

Throughout the week, outdoor enthusiasts will be actively using and tracking the #NationalForestWeek hashtag on social media. The National Forest Foundation (NFF) is hosting an annual National Forest Week photo contest where you can submit your photos by Sunday, July 17. 

The National Forest Foundation was created in 1992 to help take care of the 193 million acres of forests in America. They do this by getting people involved in community-based projects that help the forests and also let people enjoy them. The foundation gets money from Congress, as well as private companies.

Today, working on behalf of the American public the National Forest Foundation is the leading organization creating meaningful connections to our National Forests, the centerpiece of America’s public lands.

You can see the National Forest Week Photo Contest Winners from last year here.


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